Athletic Development Program


Are you looking to make the team, get a scholarship, get drafted, be an all-star? Our athletic development program is designed for the serious and highly motivated athlete looking to take their game to the next level.

Our industry leading approach is based on the methodology and teachings of the most successful Strength Coach in the world, Charles Poliquin, who has produced Olympic medallists in 22 different sports.

The athletic development program is a scientifically based off-season program that integrates multiple facets of athletic development to optimize your on-field performance. The Athletic Development Program incorporates performance training, nutritional programming, lifestyle remediation, injury prevention methods, and recovery techniques to develop you into a stronger, faster, leaner and more powerful athlete.



Athletic Development - Tanner - TBar Deadlift

To begin, all athletes undergo extensive testing assessing strength ratios, mobility deficits, speed, power, reactive ability, body composition, injury history and identifying any predisposition to injury. Our coaches will strategically design and tailor your program to match the demands of your sport and position while addressing any imbalances detected during your initial testing. Your training program will be modified every 2-4 weeks. Initially, the focus of your training will be on reducing your injury potential by correcting muscular imbalances, restoring mobility and improving core strength. From here each successive program will build on each other to develop maximal strength relative to the specific demands of your sport, ultimately finishing the off-season by transferring all the strength you have developed in the weight room into the explosive power needed for your sport and position.



It’s the little things that will separate you as an athlete. Nutrition is often an afterthought for most young athletes. Give yourself the best chance of gaining that edge by making it a priority. Our goal when discussing nutrition with our athletes is to maximize brain function, motivation and drive, while achieving optimal leanness and strength levels required by their sport and position. After collecting a series of data during our initial evaluation along with understanding your body type, personality type and lifestyle, our coaches utilize the revolutionary iNutrition Pro software to create a specific nutritional plan for your needs and performance goals. Whether your goal is to reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, or improve energy levels and brain function, each program is specifically designed for you to help optimize your on-field performance. Throughout the 12 weeks your coach will monitor your biofeedback markers and body composition data points to create a dynamic nutrition plan to ensure you are progressing and reaching optimal leanness, brain function and strength levels required by your sport and position.


Full supplement plan

The Athletic Development Program includes a periodic assessment of your metabolic analytics profile. Metabolic analytics is a system used to calculate your body fat but more importantly is a non-invasive method used to determine the correlation between body fat storage and hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalances are often the culprit of stubborn body fat storage and other health concerns including poor sleep, low energy, impaired cognitive function, and more. Metabolic Analytics is a safe and natural solution to improving muscle mass, losing stubborn body fat and increasing strength levels. The information gathered from Metabolic Analytics allows us to accurately recommend very specific and targeted nutrients and lifestyle modifications to get you to feel your best and perform your best in the gym and on the field.


Sport Specific Conditioning

Athletic Development - Tanner - Crossover SledOur coaches will design a conditioning program that meets the specific energy system demands required by your sport and position. These programs are to be done off-site to augment your workouts.




Training Commitment and options

You have the option of working with one of our internationally certified trainers 3-4 times per week. The program can be delivered in a 6 or 12-week package. Package fees depend on training frequency (minimum twice per week), level of coach and payment method (upfront or weekly direct debit).

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