CSI Facility


Chicago Sports Institute is a 14,000 sqft state of the art training facility that was designed with the results driven client in mind. Our standard for excellence is high and we cut no corners with providing our clients the highest quality fitness equipment on the market to help them achieve the best results possible.


The Facility




  • Eleiko has been the official supplier of bars and plates for 5 Olympic Games and counting.
  • Eleiko is the leading brand of choice for the top athletes, trainers and coaches in the world.
  • At CSI we have a full selection of Eleiko Competition Discs which are known for their precise calibration along with a full set of Eleiko Dumbbells.


  • Atlantis Strength equipment is renowned for its unique feel. From beginners to respected experts like Charles R. Poliquin, people who use Atlantis equipment love the smooth, sturdy, and comfortable feel.

    The ergonomics of ATLANTIS equipment are excellent! Combine that with their incredible durability and you’ve got the best equipment on the market.
    – Charles Poliquin

  • Unilateral options for correcting imbalances and fixing the bilateral deficit.
  • Weight stack machines are specifically designed by expert biomechanics specialists so that the resistance curve matches the strength curve of the person using it to help reduce susceptibility to overuse associated injuries.


  • Watson dumbbells are the worlds best dumbbells. Super compact with a custom knurling pattern, giving the ultimate control and feel.
  • 360 Revolving Handles – eliminates rotational stress on wrist and elbows. This design allows the lifter to be less susceptible to soft tissue damage that can lead to conditions like tendinitis (tennis elbow, golfers elbow) and joint laxity (ligament loosening which makes the joint less stable).
  • Marine grade stainless steel – Lifetime corrosion resistance with no zinc or nickel coating to chip or wear.


In addition to our resistance equipment we have a 30-yard indoor track used for conditioning, strongman training and speed and agility training.




To learn more about Chicago Sports Institute, call (847) 386-7504 or email us at info@chicagosportsinstitute.com.