Results – Hear What People Are Saying

Chicago Sports Institute provides comprehensive and individually tailored performance training by expert coaches with proven success rates. Here’s are some testimonials from some of our successes describing their experience training with us:

Corey Baker - Testimonial Corey Baker, Pitcher, St. Louis Cardinals Organization & Member of Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic   

A teammate referred me to Chicago Sports Institute after my 6th season of professional baseball with the Cardinals. I can honestly say after spending my off-season training with Dave, I am more ready both physically and mentally than I have been for any previous season. Dave’s knowledge of training and nutrition changed my body in just a few months. He not only cares for my baseball career, but for my health in general. I would highly recommend Dave and his staff to anyone who is looking to improve!

Corbin Bryant, Buffalo Bills - Testimonial Corbin Bryant, Defensive Tackle, Buffalo Bills (Excerpted from video interview)   

Flexibility is the biggest thing for me to become a better player and I’m definitely moving a lot better on the field and in drills now… The things Dave incorporated in the workouts helped me develop into more of a complete player… My pop off the ball and my explosiveness have definitely improved in just 3 weeks of training with Dave… I would refer Dave to any of my former teammates or any other professional athletes out there that are ready to train hard and get better.

George D, Avid Athlete - Testimonial George D, Avid Athlete   

I was referred to Chicago Sports Institute by a friend. I am currently treated as needed by Dr. Jon Sebby at Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine and I train two times a week with John Sandberg. I feel better today than I did 20 years ago. I am playing in paddle tournaments again – and I’m pain free. I know that I would not feel as good as I do today if it weren’t for the collaboration of the medical staff at CCSM and the trainers at CSI. John and Dr. Sebby work together to customize my training and treatment regimen and consult on progress. The combination of the staff is seamless, easy and everyone is incredibly friendly.

Matt Raimo - Testimonial Matt Raimo, Actor/Model   

I knew what I needed to do to get back into shape. I knew what to eat and how to exercise. At least I thought I did. In truth… I was a mess. My body wasn’t where I wanted it to be. My mind wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I knew where I wanted to go but had no idea how to get there. Nothing that I tried on my own was helping and I was slipping further and further away from my goals. 

Dave Hollinger and the Chicago Sports Institute changed all of that for me. All of their workout and meal plans are specific… to the exact rep and calorie… and not just for anyone but for YOU! We started with an evaluation that would help to examine where I was at physically and mentally. It was a great way to quickly but efficiently figure out who I was, what I could improve on and how best to get me there. 

The program I started helped me to drop 12 lbs of fat while gaining muscle mass including cutting the visceral fat that I had, in HALF! This was huge for me. I was no where near how I wanted to look and now that has completely changed for me.

I can say that hands down I now have a much greater self esteem level and I am confident in how I look and how I feel. I am also able to take on other aspects of my life with greater levels of focus.

Dave and CSI have taken me from a guy who was struggling to stay on the right path of a healthy mind and body and put me back on track to where I am now making tremendous strides forward in multiple areas of my life. What a CHANGE. 

I can’t say thank you enough!

Susan T, Chicago Sports Institute client - Testimonials Susan T, Avid Golfer   

In six months of training with Dave (Hollinger), I dramatically reduced my body fat percentage and rediscovered a vitality and energy that I have not felt in years. In my 40’s, I worked out at various gyms or in group classes, and thought the aches and pains and general slowness I felt were inevitable parts of aging. I was so wrong. Training with Dave means training smart and efficiently, and reaching your goals. I also see Dr. Sebby (at Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine) from time-to-time, and the integration of his active release techniques and Dave’s workouts is phenomenal. I’m a golfer, and my driving distances, swing speed, and other aspects of my game are vastly improved.

Tanner Creel - Testimonial Tanner Creel, Goaltender, UConn Huskies   

Dave’s professionalism, intensity and knowledge in the field is second to none. He pushed me beyond limits I thought I had and brought me to the next level both mentally and physically. After working with Dave this past summer he enabled me to increase my vertical by 6 inches while gaining 13 lbs of muscle. I have trained with many skilled trainers, but Dave is bar none the best at what he does.

Bryan Pancich - Testimonial Bryan Pancich, NHL Referee   

Dave prepared me for my first full season working in the NHL.  He was very attentive to my goals and with his professional guidance I gained 15lbs of lean body mass over 12 weeks training 4 times a week.  I have never felt more confident and prepared for the rigors and physical demands of a season.  During the season my training was reduced to once every 7-10 days.  This allowed me to maintain my strength, body composition, and most importantly remain injury free.

Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr. - Testimonial Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr., Speed Skater, 2010 Winter Olympics   

For over the 2 years David personally trained me, I not only reached an elite level of strength that helped me make the 2010 Olympic team in Long Track Speedskating, but learned more about myself through his expertise and integrity that pushed me to be a better athlete and person. The overall package you get from training with David is exceptional and will make you proficient for life.

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