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  • Erica Chesney Avatar
    Erica Chesney
    - Google
    I can’t say enough about Chicago Sports Institute. It has been life changing. They are an integrated solution to becoming healthy and strong. As I approached 50, my goal was to get into great health. Through my trainer John Baker’s nutrition and strength plan, I have so far lost 18lbs and reduced my Body fat by 11%. If you need accountability and... read more
  • Matt Bluhm Avatar
    Matt Bluhm
    - Google
    Best workout/trainers you will ever have! Attention to detail, professionalism and accountability are the true differentiators that create the CSI experience.
  • Gregg Byers Avatar
    Gregg Byers
    - Google
    The most professional practice you will work with anywhere. Starts with a highly selective hiring process for each and every team member they bring on board through to your in-depth initial evaluation session through to your customized and constantly re-calibrated training program. CSI develops a holistic plan for you that isn’t meant to be an overnight fix - it’s a comprehensive solution. Their level of... read more
  • Heidi Grathouse Avatar
    Heidi Grathouse
    - Google
    I can’t say enough positive things about this place! CSI is a dream-come-true for functional sports medicine, injury rehab/recovery, expert athletic training, and overall physical fitness. Under one roof, I have been able to: 1) address chronic and severe hip pain and limited foot and ankle mobility with chiropractic medicine (Dr. Josh Akins/Chicago Chiropractic and Sports Medicine), 2) focus my nutritional goals and eating habits... read more
  • matt raimo Avatar
    matt raimo
    - Google
    CSI is top notch! Best in the business. They get the job done! I have seen tremendous results with CSI that I have never been able to get anywhere else. I could go on about CSI for hours.. just take my word for it... go see them and see the results for yourself!
  • Daine McDonald Avatar
    Daine McDonald
    - Google
    One of North America's leading results based personal training gym's. If you are in the Chicago area I highly recommend training with Dave and his team!