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  • Erica Chesney Avatar
    Erica Chesney
    I can’t say enough about Chicago Sports Institute. It has been life changing. They are an integrated solution to becoming healthy and strong. As I approached 50, my goal was to get into great health. Through my trainer John Baker’s nutrition and strength plan, I have so far lost 18lbs and reduced my Body fat by 11%. If you need accountability and want a team to support your goals and want to see results, get over to CSI ...ASAP.They are very comprehensive and take into account, pain and injuries, age, flexibility. My pain caused by scholiosis has been drastically reduced from their non-inflamatory diet and strength training. The key to meeting your goal…Just do what they say! They know what they are doing. I am thrilled with my continued results and changing plan and John Baker is the best, but the entire staff is amazing and supportive. A big thank you to everyone at CSI!!!
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  • Matt Bluhm Avatar
    Matt Bluhm
    Best workout/trainers you will ever have! Attention to detail, professionalism and accountability are the true differentiators that create the CSI experience.
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  • Gregg Byers Avatar
    Gregg Byers
    The most professional practice you will work with anywhere. Starts with a highly selective hiring process for each and every team member they bring on board through to your in-depth initial evaluation session through to your customized and constantly re-calibrated training program. CSI develops a holistic plan for you that isn’t meant to be an overnight fix - it’s a comprehensive solution. Their level of commitment and professionalism never ceases - they live and breath it each and every day and it’s consistent from trainer to trainer. My son and I began our sessions together this past Spring, each with very different objectives. Not only do they always work to accommodate our hectic schedules, it’s really amazing to see first hand how they approach each client’s individual needs and circumstances and aren’t ever trying to promote a one size fits all approach. At CSI they’re all about the long-term and developing the right solution for you. If you’re serious about your training and commitment, this team will give you everything you need to get there.
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  • Heidi Grathouse Avatar
    Heidi Grathouse
    I can’t say enough positive things about this place! CSI is a dream-come-true for functional sports medicine, injury rehab/recovery, expert athletic training, and overall physical fitness. Under one roof, I have been able to: 1) address chronic and severe hip pain and limited foot and ankle mobility with chiropractic medicine (Dr. Josh Akins/Chicago Chiropractic and Sports Medicine), 2) focus my nutritional goals and eating habits with the fat loss program (Mike Sorrentino gives it to you straight—which cuts through the denial, rationalization, and excuses that keep us all stuck and provides practical and real strategies to meet your goals), and 3) transform my body into a stronger, more fit vessel than I have ever had.I brought the commitment and they brought the plan. Their experts collaborated to create custom fitness plans for my specific injury rehab and fitness goals. In the past, fear of exacerbating my injuries and pain kept me from consistent exercise. At CSI, I felt confident that I could give it my all and not worry about further injury. Their integrated plan was smart and has given me the results I wanted. We’ve strengthened the parts of my body that were contributing to my pain, cleaned up my eating, and I’ve shed over 25 pounds of fat in 4 months. I feel great, have amazing energy and mental clarity and I’m set to move into my 50’s with confidence instead of resignation. I’ve saved the best for last. My performance coach (Brandon Yang) meets me with the same focus and determination I bring to my sessions. He’s professional, attentive, encouraging and just smart. I show up, give 100% to the plan he creates, and I see results. It’s so rewarding—even if I’m the sweatiest girl in the room! I’m grateful to all of the staff Dave, Josh, Mike, and especially Brandon who is in the trenches with me every session. The work and encouragement I have at CSI fuels and supports the work I do at home with my daily sports chiropractic therapy exercises, walking, and food choices. All of it works in concert to bring about real and sustainable changes for the future I am living into. I’m just so grateful! I wish I had known about you years ago!
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  • matt raimo Avatar
    matt raimo
    CSI is top notch! Best in the business. They get the job done! I have seen tremendous results with CSI that I have never been able to get anywhere else. I could go on about CSI for hours.. just take my word for it... go see them and see the results for yourself!
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  • Daine McDonald Avatar
    Daine McDonald
    One of North America's leading results based personal training gym's. If you are in the Chicago area I highly recommend training with Dave and his team!
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