Chicago Sports Institute Fills Gap in Performance Health

With Unique Expertise, Chicago Sports Institute Offers Truly Integrated Sports Training and Health Management Under One Roof

Northfield, IL, February 20, 2014: Chicago Sports Institute fills the gap between performance training and sports medicine with a unique integrative approach to health. Noting a lack of integrated performance training, sports medicine and integrative health management under one roof. Leading experts are able to work together to assist athletes toward their desired goals and, with a direct link to Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, the integration of services is seamless.

Dave, Josh and Patricia“For years there has been a gap between performance enhancement and injury management. We created Chicago Sports Institute to fill this gap by integrating injury management with performance training, coupled with nutrition and diet,” says Patricia Kaufman, Co-owner and Director of Operations. Among its offerings, Chicago Sports Institute provides comprehensive and individually tailored performance training by expert coaches, continuous professional evaluation and monitoring and tailored nutritional plans and products aligned to support performance and lifestyle goals.

 Athletes at any level, weekend warriors and active individuals will receive individualized care with scientifically based sport-specific training, sports medicine, nutrition plans and lifestyle remediation. David Hollinger, Co-owner and Director of Sports Performance, explains: “Our methodology can not only be applied to elite athletes, but to the weekend warrior as well.” Dr. Joshua Akin, Co-owner and Medical Director, adds: “The integration of sports medicine and performance training allows us to rehabilitate injuries if present, prevent injury by assessing biomechanical dysfunction and transition the athlete to performance level. Once healthy, the athlete can reach levels that far exceed their prior experience.” 

About Chicago Sports Institute: Chicago Sports Institute,, is Chicagoland’s premier sports training facility, dedicated to providing the ultimate in performance training, sports medicine and integrative health. With a passion for helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals, the experts at Chicago Sports Institute have an ongoing commitment to assist athletes at any level in achieving optimal performance in their sports and activities.